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The Peoples History Museum, 30 June 2012 — 24 February 2013

Today I started on a recent commission by the Peoples History Museum  as part
of their next exhibition “Demon Drink: Temperance & The Working Class”.
Its a very small part of the exhibition but I’m pleased to have been asked to contribute.

I’ll be shooting about eight wet plate images. These plates are to be presented as prints as part of a map of Manchester Temperance sites.

So today I convinced Steph into helping me out shooting in Manchester City centre and all the challenges that brings. ie Traffic Wardens, drunken homeless people, Man City football supporters, Community Service “volunteers” and the good old British weather. The wind got so bad we had to pack away the gear as the amount of dirt getting blown up was becoming increasingly problematic.

Heres some quick examples of the sort of things I’ll be shooting over the next few weeks. There a few awkward shots to come including one on busy Deansgate. That’ll be fun…

Granby Row, Whole plate wet plate negs. Dallmeyer f8 for six seconds.


Temperance Street, Whole plate wet plate negs. Dallmeyer f8 for four seconds.


And a fogged one, just to tell me not to pull the darkslide all the way out.

And a couple of tintypes towards the end… It was getting pretty bright and hence over exposed, these were f8 for 1 second.



I guess these can be considered test plates as they still have to be given the okay by Kate, the curator, at the PHM.


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