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A very messy plate of the City of Manchester Stadium from a studio window.

From our studio we get a very good view over to the City of Manchester Stadium in SportCity.

Had to prop the camera and tripod at a funny angle to get a decent enough view through the panes of glass of the window but it just about got there. Maybe I wasn’t paying much attention but I have to chuckle at how messy this plate is. Firstly I was exposing at f8 but as I started to expose realised I hadn’t stopped the lens down and was still on f4.5, a quick guesstimate and an under dev resulted in this crazy plate with sooooo much going wrong with it. Regardless, I still quite like it.

I’m also amazed at how much detail an ambrotype can capture, this viewed as a 100% scan is amazing quality.

5×7 CGA (clear glass ambrotype) 4 seconds ish maybe. KCN fix.


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