An image blog by Tony Richards

Life after Uni …

I’d always been interested in photography but never actually got around to doing anything about it.
As a late starter I decided to study Contemporary Photographic Practice at UNN. What an eye opener that was, not only to photography but to academia itself.
After graduating 3 long years later I became a photographer, whether that meant I was any good or not remained to be seen, but I had letters after my name and I wasn’t afraid to use them.

17 years later…

Having worked as a photographer for the past 12 years I can honestly say I haven’t really taken any images for my own personal use.
How can that be I hear you ask? Don’t get me wrong, I keep up to date with current methods and technologies for my professional photography. Its just if I’m doing it all day at work, I tend not to do it in my own free time.

I dabbled a little with HDR and other digital techniques but it really wasn’t doing anything for me, so I started to shoot film again (but only briefly), which in turn led me to look further at other historic photographic processes.

I now shoot wet plate collodion ambrotypes/tintypes. What a refreshing discovery. It brings back that first “magic” one feels when processing and printing their first roll of film. Now I have this refound passion in what first got me started in photography. The smell of chemistry, the glow of a safe light, the anticipation, the success and the failure….so here we are, back in the darkroom. Full circle.

About time I set up some sort of photoblog. Had a go at html, flash, pixelpost etc but have now settled on this WordPress theme called Autofocus. The blog and the images are a work in progress. The blog will change as I figure out how the software/code works.

So hopefully this will be updated quite often but we’ll have to see what develops…………see what I did there?

My main website rather than this blog can be found www.fourtoes.co.uk