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Bargains galore…

Yesterday we visited a local antiques fair. Over 700 stalls of ceramics, glass and jewellery… in amongst all that you get to find the odd bargain.

One of the first stalls I stopped at had this lovely framed tinted ambrotype, I asked the price (£12) but I could have it for ten as it was damaged? Yes thank you very much. The damage was some of the blacking had come off, but the emuslion side was on the front of the plate so image info was lost. Just look at that blue…


I’ve gotten quite good of scanning through all the little bits and pieces, next I spotted this brass lens stuck out on a corner of a chaps stall who was selling railway memorabilia. He didnt know anything about it and said it would make a nice paper weight. Granted it is quite a weight. Turns out its 9 inch and f3.6 but obviously missing its sleeve, flange and Waterhouse stops.


Now I was more than happy with my bargains from the day but Steph was over the moon with hers, now remember she is the Curator of a very well respected arts collection, this is what she bought…


I shouldn’t laugh, we checked online when we got home and they sell for over £30! Thats a 500% profit. Maybe she’s not that daft after all.


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