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Demon Drink II

A very hot Sunday afternoon.

Some sites for the Temperance project have to be shot at certain times of the day, the old billiard hall in Moss Side needs to be shot late afternoon for the sun to come the right side of the building and not to be shooting into the sun.

So before that we visited a site on Bolton Street, Salford. Where the large car park is now situated was the original meeting place of the Rechabites temperance movement and where they established the oldest teetotal and friendly society. The cobbles of Bolton Street, where the coffee shop was located, can still be seen in the car park. The irony of locating the teetotal society on Bolton Street was that Watson and Woodhead brewery was located a short distance down the
same road!


The recent hot weather can provide new problems with wet plate.
The ammount of dust being blown around the car park. As soon as you take a plate out of the wash its covered in bits
The developer works best when cooler. So I bought some happy shopper frozen carrots and laid them on the dev bottle.
The heat makes the bellows sag and in these plates it starts to be visible around the edge of the frame.
Not like us Brits to moan about the weather. Too wet, too cold, too windy, too warm, too sunny……. we’re never happy.

Here a digi snap of the same sort of area.


Then onto Moss Side. I know this area gets a bad rep most of the time but the people that passed us by were very friendly and some did stop to see what we were up to.

This is an old Temperance Billiard Hall that now sells beds and furniture. Theres a great Edwardian image from this same spot on the Manchester Archives Flickr page. Heres a link.


And this one with a wide angle f16 for 15 seconds…

A digi version…


I’m not too sure about these plates yet, they look a little over-exposed, so I’ll see how they contact print and then re-shoot maybe? The chemistry and silver bath need a good maintenance session as I can see loads of bits of dust floating around in the bottles.



  1. Charles Twist
    Posted May 29, 2012 at 8:32 AM | #

    What on earth have they gone and done to the Billiard Hall? It looked great in its day.

  2. Posted May 29, 2012 at 8:54 AM | #

    You should see the one in Chortlon…. Its now a Wetherspoons and very ornate outside. Its on the to do list.

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