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Good old FeePay!

Its amazing what you can find on FeePay when you really need something.

I’d been on the look out for loft insulation rolls etc for the studio wall. Found these polystyrene sheets for sale in Manchester. 21 sheets of 45mm polystyrene for £10. Thank you very much indeed.


Took a few hours to cut it to fit each segment, each not being anywhere near square. Several hours later its done and ready for lining.


The bargain polystyrene softened the blow of the cost of plywood sheet! Blimey its not cheap is it?

It needed doing though so I bit the bullet on got on with it. Surprised myself with how good it looks. It’ll be a shame to paint it white, I was briefly tempted to just varnish it.


Also started with the carcass of the darkroom, back tomorrow to carry on with it with an extra pair of hands. Thanks Steph. As you can see I’ve decided to keep both windows and place the darkroom in the most awkward corner for waste plumbing. That redundant pump from the old darkroom should do the job.



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