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How much silver???…

Today Marizu and I had planned to shoot some large plates in the Hunter Penrose camera. He had brought along some large sheets of glass and some 20×24 inch trays, as I dont have a silver box large enough for this size plate. We did a the prep, cut the glass etc and then went to add the silver nitrate to the tray.
Now how much Silver Nitrate do you think one needs to fill a 20×24 tray to cover a 16 1/2 x 18 3/4 inch plate???? Too much is the answer. About 4.5 litres….. Thats one heck of a lot of silver. So it will have to wait for another day. Sorry Marizu.

So instead I measured up for a 10 inch square plate insert for the 12×15 Billcliff camera.
John cut the 2mm acrylic sheet on his new fancy table saw, I think he just likes to cut things up, anything.


Then the magic of Dichloromethane…


Its not the prettiest of pieces of work but it will do the job…



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