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I am so excited to announce……

…………….the beginning of a new mobile darkroom.

What else could it have been;)

The Temperance project for PHM has a couple of awkward shots right in the city centre and in areas where parking the van/darkroom would be problematic. I know some people have built darkboxes on stands etc, and I have one made out of a wooden suitcase, but I want one I can wheel around with me. I saw one made from an adapted wheelchair so that got me a thinking. I’d looked at all sorts of handcarts, sack trolleys, wheelbarrows, fishing carts etc and then “boom”, as they say in CSI NY, why didn’t I think of it sooner….. this is perfect. Wooden box top with drawers for plates etc, pop up/fold out darkroom section above that. Water bottles down below on the tray thingy….. Watch this space.

Now where did I put my hammer and mastic.


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