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Ian MacGillivray

Today I was shooting some of Ians work digitally ready for his forthcoming exhibition catalogue. Ian is an artist who specialises in the wild places of the Scottish Highlands and its native red deer. Check out his work in the link below.

A link to Ians website

Over tea and bacon (sorry, porchetta) sarnies we got to talking about wetplate and I showed him one of my recent plates that I had in the van, minutes later the darkbox in the van was set up and we were away. I dont need much of an excuse to shoot a plate or two.

Claire MacGillivray


This was actually the first plate and its amazing where bits of dry collodion off the bottle neck end up. Here its right on Ians eye and has left a mark that looks like an eyepatch….weird,


These are whole plate ambrotypes. Dallmeyer 8 inch F8 Rapid Rectilinear lens.

The collodion is getting on and has quite a bit of punch when it comes to the contrast.


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