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Kodak Brownie 2c

Just goes to show you don’t need an expensive fancy camera to shoot wetplate. I took these today on an old Kodak Brownie No.2C. Its the wide format box camera version, plate sizes are roughly 2 7/8 X 4 7/8 inches. I really like the look of this size of plate, although these are tintypes rather than ambrotypes as I think the glass plates might be a little too thick for the camera.

Working on eight seconds at f4 from Sunday for the same time of day, I shot these at 32 seconds guessing the lens to be around f8. I’m not far off I reckon. Minimum focus distance is an issue also at around 8 feet to infinity, so careful with those closeups.


Thanks John for letting me pilfer some Trophy Aluminium from your stash of bits.


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