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Kodak Panchromatic P25 Plates

I was given this unopened box of Kodak quarter plates a few months ago when I went to pick up the Ross projection lens for the Billcliff 12×15 camera. Today I had a quick look to see if they were still of any use. I have no idea of their age.

Here are the paper instructions that came in the box…


And some of the results… well sort of, there are images I suppose.

Having not shot these sort of plates before, I found I had placed them in the holders backwards thus shooting through the antihalation layer.
Theres no ISO as such so I rated it the same as wet plate and shot for 30 seconds at f8 with studio window light.
Developed with whatever was on the shelf. 1 part to 79? stopped with water and fixed again with whatever was on the shelf…





And a close up of the second plate with a crazy effect. I might have been a little aggressive with the agitation during tray development… or it may well be due to something else.


And after searching for ages for a Kodak No.3 plate holder and eventually getting one for free, I manage to find another six…


The inner septums on most are made of cardboard and easily removed and replaced with some tin corners thus making wet plate easily achievable.




  1. Chris Morgan
    Posted August 5, 2016 at 2:12 AM | #

    Quick question.

    Are you having any focus issues with simply removing the septum and replacing with aluminum corners? Looks as if the focal plan would be off.



  2. Posted August 5, 2016 at 7:32 AM | #

    Hi Chris,

    To be honest this was merely an exercise. I rarely use this camera. I can’t say I noticed any major focus issues. If I was going to use it regularly I’d test out that theory.

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