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Kodak Vest Pocket camera

Found this at a local car boot sale for £3. Its a Kodak Vest Pocket camera dating from around 1910-15 I think. Also known as the Soldiers Camera as soldiers disobeyed orders by taking this small camera with them to the front lines during WWI.

This one is a bit battered but still works, not bad considering its nearly 100 years old. Folds up nice and small, as small as some modern day digital compacts.
It also still had a roll of film inside – exposed. Now this film may well be fogged or on the other hand may well have some interesting images on it, only one way to find out I suppose.

Following some online research I opted for Ilford ID11 1-1, no prewash. 20 Deg for 12 mins.

And would you believe it……7 images on the roll out of 8. The last one fogged by my goodself, testing the shutter at the car boot.

Just waiting for them to dry then scan them in somehow and we’ll get to see a little bit of lost history. I’ve had a quick look but I’m not telling. Check back tomorrow!


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