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Little and large

Here are my recent purchases side by side.

A quarter plate field camera and a Vageeswari 15×8.5 field camera.

Yesterday I gave the quarter plate a good going over, removed a few dodgy looking screws and replaced with nice shiny brass ones. Removed the shutter, I’ll pop it on fleabay, ready to attach the lens flange.
The plate holders were in good enough condition for me to use as is.

The Vageeswari needed a bit of work, replacing some of the front and rear standard support arms etc. One of its holders needed some wood filler to an area around one of the rear hinges. The inner tapes have been replaced with quality bookbinding tape.
Now just need a general cleaning, polishing and varnishing in places and we should be good to go. I’ll try some tray processing in the studio first before I get a silverbox big enough for this size plate.



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