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More Harman tests…

Popped into the studio this afternoon to pick up some wet plate gear for tomorrow. Decided to shoot some of the Harman Direct Positive RC paper to show Steph as I was a little impressed with it the other day. Need less to say today wasn’t quite the same response.

Exposures seems quite inconsistent. Where a 1/3rd of a stop can vary the result greatly. I don’t think it helped having two year old opened dev. I think I’ll be trying this in some Caffenol.

Also there seems to be some banding/striations along the paper which is a little odd.

From the Ilford website posted on a web forum this time last year….

“We have encountered technical problems coating the HARMAN DIRECT POSITIVE RC paper. The result of this is that we cannot release the product to end users and as a consequence the product is now out of stock. At this point, whilst our R&D team work on the problem, we are unable to advise when the product will become available.”




Results are all over the place but I still think theres something of use in this paper, especially as it seems to have similarities to wet plate. Not just in the slow iso but also it seems to be sensitive to blue/uv more than the rest of the light spectrum.

The main top image has been tweeked in Photoshop for my own vanity as I really like it.


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  1. Myles
    Posted May 16, 2013 at 6:51 PM | #

    Great portraits.

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