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Okay I guess I’ve been neglecting this new blog thingy but I have my excuses….honest!
Over the past few weeks I seem to have accumulated a darkroom and 5×4 field camera. A bit odd as I’ve not shot or dev’d film in over a decade, but here we are, a full colour darkroom set up in my bathroom? Feels like I’ve stepped back in time a decade.
“I love the smell of fixer in the morning”

I’ve still got the digital kit and will be using it for work still but this is more for me getting back to the grass roots of what I enjoy with photography. And shooting, developing and printing your own stuff is just….well magic I suppose.

I’m now looking into alternative printing processes if I can get hold of the chemicals. So photogravure, Kallitypes, Cyanotypes and Bromoil prints will be also appearing here alongside digital images. I guess they’ll still be digital as they’ll need to get scanned in but you get the idea.


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