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Paint it and then pull it down?

I’m not one for making unnecessary work for myself.

This is a shared wall with another unit, it wasn’t boarded their side, so was a bit of a security risk. The building manager had said there were plywood boards available and I offered to board it out for him. Those boards all of a sudden were “gone” but I was more than welcome to do it out of my own pocket!

I’ve no problem doing this but find it a bit of a thorn in the side boarding out another unit with brand new boards. So, I decided to rip down my old wall and move it next door. I think if I’m paying for new boards they are going to be in my own unit, even if it meant several hours further work and several hours of wasted decorating the week before.

So after making the unit relatively dust free for Fridays digital shoot with Ceramic artist Steve Dixon, I started to hunt the screws I’d only just sealed/painted over. There wasn’t much cursing, honest.

Thankfully, Steph lent a hand.



Six hours later, one perfectly okay wall now moved next door. Next, insulate and board my side…


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  1. Melanie
    Posted March 25, 2013 at 8:48 AM | #

    Wow! Where I come from, we think daubing at the walls with test swatches is brave and beyond the call of duty…

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