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Petzval maybe?

I’ve been a little busy with work but tomorrow I’m going to try and make a lens board for my Perken 1/2 plate camera, especially as I’ve got this dirt cheap Petzval lens to mount on it somehow.

It was attached to an old magic lantern projector on ebay listed in totally the wrong section, so I was lucky to get it. Asked the seller to just post me the lens to keep costs down. He sent the whole thing for a less than the advertised price.

It needed a good clean and there are one or two chips on the rear glass around the edge but for the price I’m not complaining. Also I’m assuming its a Petzval, no marks on the barrel to provide any further info. Front elements look like two glued pieces and rear elements are two air spaced pieces. So may well be, so hoping for some swirls when we get the wet plate going.


Well do you think I could get any 2mm plywood locally, could I heck. So I’ve ordered some mohogany ply 1.5mm, 2mm and 3mm.

I’m all measured up so just need to wait for the parts. Also ordered an adustable hole drill bit so I can cut for different size lenses.

Also measured up for the MPP lens boards while I was at it.


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