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Problem plates

Had a few problems with these recent plates. Was shooting on a recently acquired 13×18 tailboard camera and the resultant plates had some very weird marks on them. At first I thought it was fogging but then I thought the dev was playing up.

I posted these plates over on the collodion forum and others thought dev fault also.


I shot a few more plates in the studio to try and narrow down the problem, unfortunately my scanner is in the studio for digi-neg prep ready for the up and coming art fair at the Peoples History Museum on the 15th Oct, so I’ve been unable to scan in my test plates.

Basically I shot with a different camera in case of light leaks, then used a different silver bath (a decent plate result), so then tested my silver bath to find the SG was 1.05 when it should be nearer 1.07. Added further silver nitrate to bring the levels back up and the latest plate still had some weird marks. Now sunning the silver ready to be filtered yet again.

All part of the magic that is wetplate.


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