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Pupil of F.S.Archer – The Inventor

I bought this a few months ago along with some other plates. The subject matter didn’t really do much for me although it is very well executed…. and so it should be when you read the label on the rear!

“C. Deana Pupil of FS Archer – The Inventor Chatham.”

For those that aren’t aware FS Archer is Frederick Scott Archer, “The Inventor” of the collodion wet plate process. So this ambrotype is by one of his students, how cool is that? For myself and my wet plate colleagues I think we’d appreciate the historical kudos of this item.

Theres not that much info online about Deana, all I can find is some reference to birth, marriage, children and occupation etc.

If anyone knows anything else about this photographer then please let me know.

Charles James Deana b. c.1810, d. 1880 framer, gilder and photographer





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  1. Nicholas Higton
    Posted April 2, 2015 at 3:46 PM | #

    To whom it concerns, wonderful that I have found this – I have looked into Charles J Deana over the last 5 or so years. I would love to ask for a link or email of higher resolution photos.

    I’m related via marriage to Charles James Deana. He was my Gt Gt Gt Aunt Mary-Ann Deana’s (nee Higton) son. So my 1st cousin 4 x removed. My Gt Gt Gt Gt Grandfather (Mary-Ann’s dad) was John Higton, an Artist who exhibited at the Royal Academy (see his wiki entry).

    Several of John Higton’s children were either artists / engravers themselves, or married artists.

    As you probably know, Frederick Scott Archer was a Sculptor, who also exhibited at the Royal Academy (I think 15 times). He was of a comparable ahe to Charles J Deana.

    Charles James Deana’s father was a Schoolmaster & painter/carver/guilder also, so I suspect therefore that John Higton, friends and family all knew each over – I also think Charles, his brother Richard, and his father might have been failed artists, who plied their craftsmanship in making such exquisite items.

    The last nice little link in this story, that I have discovered, is Charles Deana’s sister, Emma, married a Thomas Swonnell (in 1852). His father was a Drysaulter – or supplier of chemicals. So in all likely hood a relationship borne from the supply of materials to Emma’s father and brothers.

    So in all probability several close circles of professional friends and acquaintances through the arts and cutting edge invention happened to bring them together.

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