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Right, lets get back on track…

Okay I know its been a while and it looks like I’ve been slacking for a few weeks. Its been that cold in the studio that I’ve been finding any excuse not to go in, and “work” from home.

So, we’re a few weeks into 2013, and in the words of Fagin himself, I’ve been reviewing the situation!

John and I are due out of our 1000sq ft studio in early March, so decisions have to be made as how to move forward. I think I’ll be looking for a smaller studio space as the costs of the present studio are a little steep. I’m sure I’ll be able to find something in the same building but not too small. I reckon I could get away with about 300 sq ft, with a little planning and organisation. A place for everything and everything in its place comes to mind.

So this year I want to be much more productive and organised.

On the to do list:

New studio.
Albumen, Salt, Bromoil and solar plate printing.
Mix my own chems and trial collodion recipes.
Sort out silver tanks for 12×15 and 18×20 inch plates. I must get the Hunter Penrose up and running for some big portraits.
Also, weather permitting, a lot more landscape plates and try some wet plate negs.

Peoples Theatre website

I’ll be showing some of my wet plate work in a small exhibition at the Peoples Theatre Art Gallery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, this April to May. I’ll be joining Richard Lee, Russell Baston, Jake Broadhurst and Andy Green, who have been showing work together over the past 12 years. If your in the area please call in and take a look.

I’m also pleased to be included in The Mask Series project curated by artist Shane Balkowitsch. I was third on the list to receive a mask but I’ve asked for it to be postponed until the Spring when the weather gets a bit better. Check out the website for the latest submitted plates. Its going to be really interesting to see how everyone interprets one prop/theme.

Nice blog post here here by Melanie Garrett.

So lots to do, as soon as the snow clears, honest!


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