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Ross Epidiascope….. whats left of it.

I picked up a Ross Epidiascope the other week just to see what lenses came with it.

It came with three different sizes.

4 1/2 inch F4 (covers up to 5×4 so will end up on my 1/4 plate camera)
10 1/2 inch F6 (covers whole plate (just) and a weird one with a crazy ammount of swirl which I’ve popped onto a plywood lens panel)
17 inch F4 (covers mammoth plates and comes with a decent double side flange)

The rest of it ended up in the bin apart from the solid metal base and wooden top. This has now become our “retro arty” studio coffee table…….nice eh?



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  1. Posted July 13, 2011 at 8:33 AM | #

    Thats so cool

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