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Tatton Park Biennial

Steph and I took a trip out to Tatton Park to put our “we must be getting old” National Trust membership to some use.

Had forgotten that the Biennial was on till the end of September. They were also filming “Flog It” in the grounds also so it was really really busy…..AND we had to pay £5 for parking…..whats all this membership stuff for then? Dont get me started.

There was one artwork that stood out by far for me. This piece by Olivier Grossetete.

“Olivier Grossetête’s Pont de Singe reflects the architecture of Tatton’s Japanese Garden as well as the flight of fancy of the Formal Gardens as a whole. With their many follies (like the Choragic Monument, which was erected in 1842 to commemorate The Grand Tour, or the Sheep Stealers’ Tower, which had its own ‘hermit’ employed to frighten dinner guests) the Gardens have always been associated with pleasure.

Grossetête’s structure is a folly of design and engineering: a featherweight bridge designed for contemplation rather than function, emanating from and leading to the water, held aloft by three helium-filled balloons. The work recalls the power of daydreams and their ability to transform reality.”

You really have to go see it.

And yes that is someone yawning in the background…..


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