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Thats one big hat Harry!

This weekend we popped into a local antique fair, first time to one this sort of scale. It was really busy and they had crammed everybody in. Quite a mixed bag of items. Not much in the way of photography stuff, mostly ceramics and jewellery, the odd Kodak Brownie. There were a few tintypes (priced around £15+), only a couple of cased ambrotypes (£30+), loads of CDVs and cabinet cards (from 50p to £20). I did find this little plate sitting by itself on a stall which sold mostly mining memorabilia and just for a couple of pounds. The seller said it was amongst an elderly Uncles belongings when he moved back to the UK from the USA.

Its pretty roughed up, with some loss to the varnish/emulsion side. The reverse has a great big dollop of asphaltum applied to it. And thats one heck of a Topper!

1/6th clear glass ambrotype.



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