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The Glass Journey: An exploration of narrative and symbol.

Kirsteen Aubrey is a contemporary glass artist and lecturer at MMU who is known for beautiful and evocative forms and landscapes in cast and blown glass.

After shooting some of Kirsteens work digitally for publication I shot a couple of plates on glass to see how they would come out. These are quarter plate clear glass. They came out really nicely and a little different than expected, shame I shot the hammer upside down….again these look much better in the flesh.


“This exhibition features a new body of work that is the culmination of a series of partnerships with makers working across a variety of media and has been influenced by the use of writing as a way of advancing the creative process. This has allowed Kirsteen to explore and combine processes such as using blown and cast glass in innovative ways, bringing together lamp-working, spot welding and digital technology.”

MMU Special Collections link

(Text from MMU Special Collection website)


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