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Trying out whole plate.

Visited North Yorkshire again and surprise surprise whenever I took the camera out it started to rain. This is the third time the weather has put a dampener on things, if you pardon the pun.

Thursday we went to the Yorkshire show in bright sunshine, Friday a brewery tour of Theakstons (still sunny), Saturday was Ripon Races (started off torrential but the sun soon came out), Sunday I had planned a day of shooting on the way home (rain rain rain).

So in five days I managed to shoot one decent? plate.

I had taken my whole plate camera and a couple of lenses to see what covered what. Also had the 1/4 plate in my work box but that didn’t see the light of day.

So here we have a forest break near Brimham Rocks. Its surprising how infrequent parking spaces are when your out driving in the countryside. You see something and think wow I’d love to shoot that but then theres no where to pull in safely for another 2 miles…..

First was overexposed and with chemical fogging. 12 seconds F8


Second was better and I’d used some movements to see the limitations of the lens. 3 seconds F8


Third was a straight shot with no movements. 4 seconds F8


Thinking of using some sort of grey grad for the sky, not sure I like the solarisation that occurs when shooting landscapes.


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