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Two more for the stable.

Ok I admit it, I have a problem. When I see a real nice plate camera going for a real good price, I cant help myself, I buy it. Granted they all have a resale value but they are such great objects as themselves.

These two were bought for specific reasons from the U.S.
The one on the left is a whole plate camera but with no holders, no problem I have quite a few in the studio one might fit?
The one on the right has an iris lens holder and was worth the money for that alone, never mind it came with a 5×7 tailboard camera with no holders again.

When they arrived I found that the 5×7 was very similar to the Ernemann I had just sold as was regretting slightly, turns out this one is a 13×18 plate model with a different plate holder system, very much like the Russian FKD plate cameras.
So I’ll need to source a plate holder for that. The camera itself is in excellent condition and the iris lens holder after a clean will be a welcome addition to the studio.

The larger whole plate camera it seems is a “New Folding Camera” by H Moorse of Holborn London from around 1882.
Another example and further info can be found on the excellent resource Wood and Brass website.

I emailed Eric, the owner of Wood and Brass, as he mentions he had some damaged plate holders. He replied with measurements and images of the holder. This camera, unsurprisingly, takes a dedicated holder thats specific to the camera. None of my whole plate holders came close to fitting. Even by planing one down it looks unlikely to fit. So I’ll be on the hunt for a replacement.

The bellows is a little old now so I may well replace it whilst I’m doing the others. Theres a lovely lens attached – 10 inch Series III Busch Anastigmat No 4.

The studio is starting to look like a camera museum, I think we’ll have to have a look at having a clear out of some cameras and lenses.


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