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Watch the Birdie…

I’ve not blogged much the last couple of months. Lack of motivation I guess. I’ve been re-assessing my working practice and direction, lets just call it a dry spell in wet plate.

A recent post by Borut Peterlin, an amazing photographer with a great blog, reminded me of a handful of over-painted prints I’ve collected of late along with one or two cabinet cards and photographic prints, and realised I’d not shown them here.

So here you go…

A large over painted photograph via Feepay.

A monochrome over painted photograph from a car boot sale.

This ones a little different, I think a little later. Maybe she’s a star of stage or screen? Picked this one up at an antique fair via Feepay.

This lovely heavily painted photograph I found in a farmers market in West Wales…

This one came with a job lot of other stuff…
The reverse of this one is a little different, as in its backed with a rough textile.

I don’t usually collect actual photographic prints, postcards, cdvs etc but occasionally I make an exception.

This one makes me smile, I refer to it as the Scott Anton print… The artist and his muses. I love how the light falls on his hat, lots going on in this image.

This is a lovely albumen print.

An unusual Cabinet Card by G. Katsarov Photography
My Bulgarian isn’t that good but heres roughly what I can get from it….

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria – Some sort of awards/medals

Keeping the child quiet.. a coin and spectacle case maybe?

Watch the Birdie!.. I think this is a discarded “Birdie” on the floor.


Theres always lots of talk of post mortem Victorian photography online. Most can be explained ie, head braces, pale eyes etc but this one I found really interesting. It wasnt till I looked at it a bit longer that I thought “maybe” theres something going on with the older lady… maybe.

I’m off to London tomorrow for the AHFAP conference and hope to get back to a more regular blog posting about my activities on my return.

The sliding box camera is coming along nicely, just needs a bit of Mark Voce magic working on some of the woodwork and it should be good to go in a few days time.



  1. Posted April 5, 2015 at 9:22 PM | #

    Tony, the main president, you would love to be at the Mark Osterman’s workshop on retouching. We were actually doing the magic that is so well encapsulated in the collection of your prints. Of course the key of retouching magic is practice and although we did gain knowledge, we’re still lacking practice, not to mention talent for drawing :-)

    The photograph of “Artist and his muses” is very likely a collodion chloride paper. Best archival photo process based on silver. I’ll show you at ECW 😉

  2. Posted April 13, 2015 at 8:52 AM | #

    Looking forward to it Borut. Not long now.

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