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 Day 2

These are 5×4 tintypes shot on Trophy Aluminium with a MPP field camera.

On the Sunday we were introduced to Tintypes. These are nowadays shot on Trophy Aluminium but still know as tintypes.

No cleaning of glass here, the aluminium plates are coated with plastic that you just peel off the working surface before applying the collodion. They are thinner than the 2mm glass plates so you have to include a glass insert behind it in the holder to stop the holder springs from warping the plate.

Today the collodion and dev pouring was a little easier. There seemed to be more on the plates than there was on us or the floor so that must be a good sign. Mind you when it came to varnishing thats runny sticky stuff and seemed to go everywhere.

My 5×4 tintypes I’m quite pleased with especially the wicker stool images.


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