10×12 inch glass negatives

Picked these up cheap from Ebay as poorly described.

Two 10×12 inch glass plate negatives.

The Rosa Houseboat. Probably dating from the late 1880s. There are a few blogposts on the Henley Regatta and Houseboats. Although I’m not sure where this actual houseboat is moored. There must be documentation somewhere on these named vessels.

La Rosa Houseboat

I would love to know more about this image. Must have been quite a well off family, and I’m assuming staff further to the stern of the houseboat.

La Rosa Houseboat crop

There is some text scratched into the surface of the negative but it very difficult to make out, maybe I’ll take these into work and re image to see if I can enhance the text.

Rosa Text


The Mayday Queen, used to be quite a common occurrence but much less so nowadays. Some damage to this glass negative, with a break in the corner and some fading across the horse. Some really nice details in the image.

Mayday Queen

You can just about make her out, peering through the foliage behind her driver.

Mayday Queen crop

A bit more text scratched into the surface of this one. Can anyone make out what it says? If you’d like a higher res image just let me know.

Mayday Queen text