35mm tintypes & ambrotypes

I’ve been promising to do some more wet plate jewellery so today had a go at shooting some smaller plates in an old Mamiya 35mm slr camera. The glass is from two boxes of Gepe slides that I got for 99p off Feepay. They were advertised as 24mm so I thought they would be perfect for those brass pendants, unfortunately they were standard 35mm cropped with a metal insert/frame inside the plastic slide mount….


The first glass plate, the sensitized collodion just stuck to the camera film window and peeled off. The second I egged the whole plate (results a bit messy), the third I just egged the edges as normal ( apart from the bubble in the corner).


Then a couple of little tintypes.


I had prepped one last glass plate so pre-focused and sat my head on the table. Don’t ask. The wonders of a 35mm slr, shutters and a cable release….