Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester 2nd Feb – 29th Feb 2012

I recently submitted a proposal for the up and coming exhibition “Curious Pursuits” curated by Porter & Jenkinson.

It was a little last minute and wasn’t too sure I had submitted in time, well this evening I heard I was successful with my “Things my cats kill” series. Excellent news, I’m really looking forward to it.

My proposal included four framed quarter plates from the series, I now have to decide which ones to use, some have been sold so I might contact some clients and ask for a loan of the plates in their possession.

From the Portico website:

Art Historian collective Porter & Jenkinson aim to showcase the best contemporary art responding to the lost themes and ideas behind the dark, strange, curious and peculiar Victorian aesthetics.
Their premier exhibition Curious Pursuits challenges the conservative image that is frequently associated with the Victorians. Often perceived as prudish and straight-laced, the Victorian’s obsession with – to mention a few pursuits – erotica, theatrical spectacles, the sensational, murder stories and freak shows, has long been pushed to the corners of society’s collective mind. Porter & Jenkinson aim to bring these forgotten ideas to the foreground and explore the responses and reactions in our contemporary society.
The pieces forming the exhibition are what Porter & Jenkinson deem to be intriguing works that depict and celebrate all things curious.


And heres an update of contributing artists…
Ben Rothery

Alice Pattullo

Alice Bradshaw

Corinna Spencer

Amy Louise Nettleton

Andy Clark

Amanda’s Autopsies

Lisa Temple-Smith & Anne Barclay

Paulina Sandberg

Abraham Emajaro

Kirsty Logan

Andrew Magee

Jane Hoodless

Jake Tyas

Liam Smyth

Amanda Nicole White

Abigail Betton

Kirsty Greenwood

Fiona Birnie & Kevin Broughton

Laura Deane

Lucy Freegard

Olly Flude

Russell Mountford

Alison Craig

Hannah Elizabeth Allen

John Brewer

Julia Hembrow

Paul Imrie

Rebecca Key

Rhihannon Moxon

Elizabeth Willow

Tony Richards

Gwilym Hughes

Claire Batt

Damien Wooliscroft

June Kingsbury

Ellie Tarrat
Click here for the Porter & Jenkinson website

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