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A 4×5 Press camera by MPP

With a coupled range finder, four way swing back, the body is covered in red leather and is fitted with Wray Lustrar f4.5/184mm lens in a Compur dial set shutter.

Much like my MPP Mark VII I think this might be the Mark II  with Red Leather trim? The serial number is 1285 so a fairly early one. Mark I start at 1001 I think.

I’ll not be keeping this one, it came with another lens which I’d intended to fit to my other MPP but its not really suitable.

Will just give it a good clean and sell it on.

EDIT: David Gosden from the MPP users club has informed me that this is a Mark 1 model that must have been recovered at some stage. Thanks David.

Now Sold to a chap in Italy.


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