A visit to Berlin

Steph and I had a week in Berlin recently, I’ve just about recovered. I’d not been to Berlin before but will certainly be back for another visit.

We were there for a punk music festival but we extended our stay to take in some of the famous Berlin Heritage sites, I’ll not bore you with too many holiday snaps…

but check out those light fittings!


We managed to make it to Mauerpark on the Sunday for the flea markets, we could have easily spent a fortune there. Surprisingly there was a serious lack of anything C19 photographic. A few CDVs and Cabinet cards but that was about it. Luckily at another market we stumbled upon a couple of large albumen prints, a few token cdvs/cabinet cards and a saucy postcard.

There was an abundance of glass lab bottles… very tempting but I doubt I’d have got them through security at the airport.


One of the larger prints…



And then theres this 12×15 inch print.




We must have walked for miles visiting a number of museums and galleries.

At Alte Nationalgalerie, this painting “Spring Scene” 1868 by Anselm Feuerbach looked a little…. familiar. Do they remind you of typical studio photographic poses? He seems an interesting artist I’ll have to take a further look into his working practices.






And by coincidence Kaden Kratzer posted a great article on Facebook a day or two ago mentioning the very contraption I wondered at at the Deutsches Historisches Museum.

The Kaiser Panorama


I’ve got a busy few weeks coming up with various presentations at work, a trip to Amsterdam to speak at a Conference, and then back a week later to Eindhoven for the European Collodion weekend. And somewhere between that I’m sure theres a Rorkes Drift charity event in Wales?