Cellulose Acetate negatives

I was looking for some film negatives at home to make prints ready for Bromoil this weekend. As per usual I got distracted and started looking at seven boxes of glass plate negatives that Ive never gotten around to digitising. In the back of one of the boxes were a couple of dozen cut film negatives.  Although their condition varied they are in a pretty good state. These seem to be cellulose acetate, and some of the paper slips seperating the negs have dates from 1902 -1905.

Granted what first got my attention was these two frames of someones home darkroom set up.

I’m not sure where this street is but the paper slip before it does mention Whalley Range but I can’t decipher the Road name.

Some are obviously Buxton and the surrounding area.

This one is of  the corner of Burlington Road, the grand building is now the Portland Hotel and the street layout has changed. (map)

This young lady carries a box camera with her in a few of the images.

And there are a couple of coastal shots. So they travelled around a fair bit.

I’m not sure if the film negatives are related to the glass plate negs in any way, I can do a comparison when they eventually get digitised.

Oh and whilst I remember as I always forget, heres a handy tip for identifying cellulose over polyester films thanks to Library and Archives of Canada as part of their Lingua Franca website.