Christmas procrastination

I’ve got household Christmas chores to be doing but keep getting distracted by stuff in my collection. Every now and again I’ll have a rummage to see whats there and to remind myself to get back to digitising and cataloguing it all.

Love this 1/9th plate cased daguerreotype. His face says it all.

A Ralf Little lookalike 1/4 plate tinted ambrotype

I’ve no idea when it comes to military uniforms, Naval Officer? If someone has any ideas please let me know. 1/9th plate tinted cased ambrotype

And then there’s this amazing double collodion glass negative  (2 x 1/4 plate images) of this lady. Not being in work means I don’t get to digitise with the Phase One kit, so a miserable overcast Manchester sky makes a perfect soft box for the mobile phone shot. I must set up a workstation at home with a light table….. then buy a digital camera.



Right then, I best get back to what I was supposed to be doing… maybe.