Cyanotypes from Ambrotypes…

Printed some quick cyanotypes from Richards plates.

Exposure times were around 13 minutes, just cant seem to get them down from that using the UV face tanning unit. These were on Fabriano Artistico paper.

From a whole plate ambrotype…

Second whole plate…

The first print toned in Liptons green tea with lemon…. less than an hour.

From one of the 12×15 inch ambrotypes…

Sorry for the iphone shots. These are all wet prints, I’m hoping they’ll darken a little when dry. It surprised me that the slightest change in density of the plate had a huge significance to the tone/exposure of the print.
The first one I bleached back as it was over exposed. The 12×15 was too dull and flat even with selective bleaching.

I do like them though. Van Dyke Browns with some contrast control next week, and some silver gelatine prints while I’m at it.