Darkbox suitcase

At the Peoples History Museum event I used a small cupboard in their workspace, for the Manchester Histories Festival at the Town Hall on Saturday I’ll be using this wooden suitcase that I’ve made into a portable darkbox. As soon as I saw it I knew it would be ideal, it really looks the part.

A similar set up could have been purchased from the 1860s….. link

Inside I’ve lined with a black base hopefully to help with developing glass plates and added a few hooks for paper towels and safelights etc
The upper frame is made of 15mm dowel and copper elbow joints from the plumbing section of the local diy shop, these are held in place by some 15mm plastic pipe holders. The dark cloth is a little short but does the job, its recycled out of my van. I guess I can shoot up to half plate in this but wouldn’t want to go any bigger, I’ll be doing quarter plate on Saturday.

You’ll get the idea from the pics…..