De Vere 5108 and Ilford 500 head.

I have to say a huge thank you to George Walsh for passing this De Vere 5108 enlarger my way. One of the Liverpool museums was disposing of its darkroom kit that hadn’t been used for nearly 20 years. It was headed for the skip, and we couldn’t let that happen.

The 10×8 De Vere fitted into my van once disassembled. And whilst there I gave George a hand tearing down his 12×15 inch enlarger. It is massive.

I also “rescued” several hundred photographic magazines and journals from the 1970s through to the 2000s.

And today, George popped in for a few hours to give me a hand reassembling the De Vere. Let’s just say it took quite a while longer to put back together than it did to take apart.

It just about fits in nicely I my new darkroom, I might need to re jig after using it for a while. We will see. It came with all the negative holders but lacked a lens. So if anyone has a spare 240mm enlarger lens sitting around, do let me know.

Thanks again, George.