Kentmere Kenthene

A mixed studio day today that included failed Bromoil, distracted cleaning, unexposed film and some new old paper to try.

I started off with those Kodak MGIV Glossy FB matrix that were left over. Initial tests were promising…

… but the larger prints failed miserably. No matter the soak time and temp, or the ink used, it just wouldn’t work right. It ended up in the bin.

Initial inking
Soak and wipe

I then developed a roll of Delta 400 120 film that had been sitting in a drawer for a couple of years. Turned out it hadn’t been exposed??

As anything photographic wasn’t going so well I thought I’d have a good clean of the studio. I soon got distracted when I found this folding “pocket sized” darkroom lantern made by Perken, Sons and Rayment. The red semi transparent walks are a thick fabric.

Also inside was a Birthday message to Sydney from his affectionate Father, dated June 1st 1900. So much for grumpy distanced Victorian Fatherhood.

I think the Birthday message is lovely.

“As a lamp shedding forth its glow of light, may your mind be ever illuminated by brilliant thoughts”

I also found this portrait of Emrys Roberts, taken at ECW18. Whole plate ambrotype. I’d forgotten I’d framed it as this must be a second plate as I usually give them to the sitter.

I was also lucky to get hold of some different paper from ebay, the same seller was selling a large amount of paper of all sizes. I wonder who got the 16×20 and 20×24 inch boxes?

I got three boxes (50) of 12×16 Kentmere Kenthene Satin VC. I’d never heard of it but for the price it was well worth a look.

Its much faster/more sensitive than the Foma/Ilford papers, probably by a good two stops. It proved a right pain to fine tune, contrast and blacks being very different depending on the negative used. Also for a VC paper there really wasn’t that much difference when using Ilford MG filters.

It has a bright white base and is more of a matt than satin when dry. I wonder if it’ll Bromoil. I have enough small test prints to bleach/tan and have a go.

Oh and my ebay pile of stuff to sell is getting ridiculous. I keep putting it off but I really do need a clear out.

Who wants to buy some stuff??