Kodak No.3A Autographic

Have had this boxed Kodak No.3A Autographic sitting on the dining table at home for a few weeks. I was just about to put it on Ebay when Gwen, one of the other photographers I work with at John Rylands Library, convinced me to keep it. It didn’t take much to change my mind.

photo 1

photo 2

Its in excellent condition until you look at the bellows. Every corner is rubbed through. I’ve ordered a new batch of liquid electrical tape to patch the corners.

photo 3

Anastigmat f7.7 lens with Diomatic No.1 Shutter? No, me neither, there seem to be as many shutter/lens combinations as there are Kodak Folding cameras….
photo 4

Kodak Vest Pocket, Kodak No.3 Autographic with combination back and the Kodak No.3A Model C Autographic…
photo 11

photo 12

Its Postcard size images. 3¼×5½ inches. Originally it was for 122 film or dry plates with a combination back.
photo 13

It even has rising/sliding front standard!
photo 14

So I guess I will be keeping it after all. Fix the bellows and pop some tintypes through it….