Muck Spreading!!!

As you’ll see from my blog, I’ve been looking a little more into Bromoil printing. Along with the practical application, quite a bit of reading is always needed in appreciating and understanding the process.

Today, I just have to share these few words about Bromoil printing that I’ve just read in a 1958 edition of The Focal Encyclopedia of Photography. I’m not sure about you, but I can sit for hours looking through old encyclopaedias, whatever the subject. Good old analogue internet… I love that cover also, it was hidden behind a brown paper wrapper.

Muck Spreading. (Slang.) Term of disparagement for the bromoil and oil pigment finishing processes or any oil finishing.

Muck Spreading! Brilliant. I’ll be using that in a more positive fashion from now on when discussing my work.

I also found it amusing to read in Spirits of Salts by Webb & Reed that Bromoil printing was seen as being associated with leisured amateurs – quite often retired civil servants or bank managers. I’m not quite there yet.

Anyone have any other examples of Bromoil being dismissed in this way? Let me know.

Muck Spreading….. lol