Peter Forshaw 1815 – 1870

I bought this framed photograph via an auction house. A little more than I would usually pay but I was a little intrigued by what it is!

Thanks to Kevin Lunham at for picking it up and posting it to me, at a third of what the auction house wanted to charge me. I also came with a variety of Victorian paperwork/books and  The Telegraph from VE Day.

Its a heavily painted photograph in a gold gesso 10×8 ornate frame. Its in excellent condition, the rear paper is fully intact, which is a shame as I haven’t the heart to break/open it to see if its an ambrotype or ferrotype. And I cant tell from the macro shots.

On the reverse is written “Peter Forshaw 1815 – 1870 Father of Anne Forshaw, Wife of James Dandy”

The auction house was in Cambridge, I’ve managed to track down this gent and his family and by chance they only lived a few miles away from me here in the North West of England, where he is on record as a farmer.





I think it will have pride of place at the studio.