Ross 17″ adaptation

I recently shipped a Ross 17″ Epidiascope lens to Zach in the US. He’d been looking for one for a few months with no luck and contacted me for some help, as he had seen previous blog posts about the ones I have purchased in the past.
I managed to source one in very good condition, here in the UK, and shipped it on to him a couple of weeks ago, once the Royal Mail International shipping crisis had eased. I was surprised that it cost a whopping £60 to ship it with tracking. Shipping to Canada was a fraction of the cost. Madness.

Although it looks a little grubby the glass is in excellent condition and it still has its additional supporting flange ring.

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Zach emailed to let me know it had arrived safely and then sent me a link to this video explaining his intentions. I hope he keeps me updated with his progress. I’d not seen this video before but looks great fun.