Victorian wet plate negatives and some news.

I realise I haven’t posted these quarter plate collodion negatives on the blog following the April Fools post (sorry about that, especially to those that didn’t get the joke??).

You’ll notice they are from the same studio as some previous purchases. The seller was acquiring them occasionally, so I asked if he had any others. There were maybe another 30 but he wanted too much money for a job lot.

So here’s the ones I bought from the previous batch.


03_March14740 03_March14741 03_March14742 03_March14743 03_March14744 03_March14745 03_March14746

I’ve been a little lackadaisical with the blog of late, I’ve had my mind on other things.

From the end of July I will be going part time in work till the end of the year. This will give me the opportunity to get back into the studio, wheel out the etching press, shoot more plates, offer more workshops, get on with cataloguing my collection and more importantly work on a Phd proposal for 2019. Yes, its about time, I’ve talked about it off an on the for the past few years to certain friends and colleagues, so its about time I did something about it.

I’ve also just returned from the Material Practices of Visual History conference at the Photographic History Research Centre at De Montfort University. Although it was an entirely different environment and crowd than I’m usually comfortable with, using a vocabulary I’m not quite used to, and yes it was a little intimidating at times, I came away enthralled with the possibilities of further study and research. I’m trying to reflect on all the two days and attempting to translate all the quickly scrawled notes I have taken.

Thank you PHRC for organising two great days.

I also had the opportunity to meet and chat with Katie Cooke, who I’ve only met online previously. She had started her Phd at De Montfort, and as a fellow practitioner I was excited to hear about her proposed area of study. I’ll be nagging her quite a bit for further info.

Five weeks or so till I switch to part time work and a major change in my days. I’m really looking forward to it.