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A little bit of culture

So, the hottest day of the year yesterday followed by a tremendous storm with flash flooding, hail and high winds. Hours later it had dropped from 100C to 73C.
Much more comfortable today.

Instead of the subway we took the East River Ferry across to Manhattan today from Williamsburg. Great views of the city for $4 one way.
It was the easiest way to get to 38th St to visit the Burns Archive.

I’d like to thank Dr Stanley Burns for making some time available for us to have a quick look at a very small part of his collection. It was truly a remarkable sight to see. Every wall, shelf and almost floor space taken over by this archive. I’m just sorry I didn’t take a pic of Dr Burns amongst it all.

I’ve just found his blog online also, well worth a look/read.


On Park Avenue is Scandnavia House, the Nordic Centre of America. The American-Scandinavian Foundation celebrates the 100th anniversary of its Fellowship program with an exhibition featuring the work of three recent grant recipients — Stephen Hilyard, Simen Johan, and Lydia Anne McCarthy – who have emerged as innovators in the field of contemporary landscape photography. The exhibition offers a unique look at hybrid photographs where disparate and sometimes dissonant images are woven together to create new, hypothetical landscapes.

We arrived just as speeches were starting for the patrons/sponsors private view….oops. We were told we could stay and listen in without the champers. Great exhibition by three different styles of photographers. Glad we popped in on the off chance as we were in the area. We didn’t get asked to join them for lunch though. www.scandinaviahouse.org


We had planned on following this with a trip to the Cooper-Hewitt Museum but it was closed for renovation. So we popped over to the Museum of Art & design. www.madmuseum.org

Three seperate shows.
Swept Away
Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design

Two artists I particularly liked were.

Murder, Maskull Lasserre, 2012.
A flock, or murder, of crows made from burned maple, oak, ash, cedar, and basswood.

Questioning the Open Field, Jim Dingilian, 2011.
The landscape inside this glass bottle was created with smoke.

Changing Hands: Art Without Reservation, 3
Contemporary Native Art from the Northeast and Southeast


The Jewelry of Margaret De Patta
I’m not one for Jewellery but De Patta was heavily influenced by László Moholy-Nagy, the renowned artist with whom she studied with. And thankfully some of his work was on display in the gallery.

Main blog image at the top of this post is a detail from Shan Goshorns, Educational Genocide: The Legacy of the Carlisle Indian Baording School, 2011


Lunched at Roberts on the 9th floor of the Museum of Art & Design. Well worth a visit with great views over Central Park and Broadway.


We’d arranged to meet Vicky, Stephs sister down in East Village at a Brazillian bar called Yuca. My God it was loud. We’d been thinking New Yorkers were a little loud when walking along the streets with their cell phones but this was getting silly. At one point Steph even had her fingers in her ears….lol. Its saving grace was it had a Happy Hour. Alcohol is expensive in NY. A beer costs about $8-$12. Thats £5-£9 a pint, and they aren’t even proper pints they are a little smaller….

Luckily we’d popped into St Marks Bar earlier and knew there must be other decent quieter bars around. We took a wander and found a bar on the corner of Avenue B and 7th. A proper pub. I even got asked for ID, first time I’d been asked in NY, I was beginning to think I was getting old.

So here’s to a proper bar…

and what the Boydell Sisters seem to do best…

I think there might be a head ache in the morning and a late start on the next museum. Maybe MOMA or the Guggenheim.


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