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And so it begins…

Today I started sorting out the new studio space.

The right hand window bay had been boxed in with a pipe going into it, packed with saw dust for some reason?


Took a while to rip it all out to find it was a sprinkler system at knee height (obviously in case of small fires) with a great big hole/pipe below it….


The darkroom sink I picked up today fits into the space nicely as planned…


There was quite a bit of junk left in the unit from the previous occupant, including a broken up piano, it weighs a tonne, maybe I can sell it for scrap. If I could figure a safe way to install it into a wall it would make a neat feature as it still “sounds” when “played”…


At the end of the day I had 6 rolls of old carpet, 9 bin bags full of rubbish and a stack of rotten timber…..


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