12×15 inch camera project.

Okay okay I know I said I’d try not to buy any more but this is the last one, honest, I can stop whenever I like, its not a problem…….oops, heres another camera.

This was just begging to be bought at auction. The reserve price was a very low £60-£80, obviously it went for more than that, but not much more.

There are no makers marks or labels only a serial number. From a search online I found a whole plate camera with similar characteristics as this one.

What is peculiar about this 12×15 camera is that it has a rotating back and a hinged base for turning around the focus rack?

Heres a link to the “early photography website” which is a really useful resource into strangely enough “early photography”. Click here

It came with one decent book form holder, the bellows have been patched in the past and will need some work, as will the rotating back as it has some split wood parts that need gluing and strengthening.