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A job lot of plates…

I “unknowingly” bought this group of plates during my fevered illness over the last couple of weeks. Apparently I bid/won/paid for these on Feepay in the early hours and then forgot I had done so by the morning! Just glad it wasnt anything expensive, at least I still had my Scrooge hat on. They were listed as Victorian glass pictures, which was odd as the seller had a load of accurately listed ambrotypes and Dags at the same time. No one else bid on this little group. It was a pleasant surprise when the parcel arrived at work this week….. I was taken by surprise by the contents and it wasn’t till I checked my ebay account that I realised what had happened.

This one is an Opalotype.

1/4 plate Clear Glass ambrotype (painted back)

1/4 plate Clear Glass ambrotype (unpainted back) You can make out someone standing to the right of the frame holding something, maybe a backdrop or lighting screen.

A dodgy ambrotype of an oil painting. It was quite common for families to have their artworks reproduced in wet plate.

A wonderful family group clear glass tinted ambrotype. I think this one is quite early judging by their costume. I especially like the violinist and their pet dog at their feet.

And this lovely clear glass ambrotype.

So not a bad haul considering I cant even remember bidding/paying for it.


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