Ambrotype by J.Timms

This lovely little cased ambrotype arrived in todays post.

Its by J. Timms of 32 High Holborn, London. 1856 – 1873





[ABOVE] A drawing of Timm’s Photographic Depot at 31 High Holborn, London, produced around 1856 when John F. Timm opened his photographic portrait studio opposite Chancery Lane. The photographic artist John Frederick Timms (1824-1882), who could produce “Portraits on Paper, Glass, Iron, Silver Plate or Leather” operated his “Photographic Depot” with the assistance of his wife Susan. Like many photographers in the 1850s, John Frederick Timms utilised a glasshouse studio on the roof of his business premises to ensure a good source of light. Portraits on paper or glass could be had for one shilling. This drawing of Timm’s Photographic Depot illustrated John Timm’s trade labels which were pasted on the back of his glass portraits. Info Link