Bad day at the office!

Sorry I’ve not blogged for a while. I’ve been very busy of late. One thing occupying my time is a wet plate job I have going on over the next couple of months. Today was the third day of seven, between September and November.

I’m not allowed to post any of the plates from the job online, which is a shame, as a plate from the first day is one of my all time favourites, but this one today I don’t think really counts.

Lets just say that the plate before this one came out completely blank! The client boss was not happy at all. No chance for a re-shoot. It took me a while to figure out the school boy error I’d taken. At the time I hadn’t even considered it, as surely I wouldn’t be so stupid! Well apparently I was.

In trying to discover why I had made such a mistake, I’d “thrown” my camera to one side and poured another plate to see what on earth was going on. No focus or framing, just f8 for 8s. And what do you know this serendipitous plate turns out! I really like it, no idea why, maybe it was just to reconfirm to myself I’m not an idiot all of the time.

So just goes to show, you’re only as good as your last plate! or is it your next one?